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Nerd Nite: ComicCon, DarkMatter, Athens

Club 21 - Club 21, Franklin Street, Oakland, CA, United States

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Nerd Nite 65: Comic Con Origins, Insatiable Alcibiades, Dark Matter Detection

  • $8 advance tix/$10 at the door
  • Monday June 25, 2018
    • 7PM: Doors and Games
    • 8PM: Talks
  • Club 21, 2111 Franklin St, Oakland
    • 2 blocks from 19th St BART
  • 21+
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    Mind Over (Dark) Matter: How Scientists Invent New Ways to Detect Dark Matter

    Learn why the search for dark matter takes us deep underground to a former gold mine and requires 20% of the world’s entire supply of xenon,
    and why the “unsuccessful” LUX detector actually taught us a lot about our universe without seeing anything at all. Then follow the path from new hardware to new data to new breakthroughs as the new LZ detector races to identify the elusive dark matter particles that make up 95% of our reality, and why finding them is so important.

    (Lucie Tvrznikova)

    The Insatiable Alcibiades of Athens

    Beautiful geniuses come in many forms, and the legendary Alcibiades of Athens was likely the most absurd. A brilliant tactician in war, a
    stunning orator, obscenely wealthy, and attractive beyond compare, he carried on with Plato, then heroically led Athens to victory over the
    Spartans before switching sides and leading Spartan armies back against Athens, all while bedding the King’s wife. Put on your Nerd Nite toga
    and follow the *quite* circuitous path of one of history’s most ridiculous characters.

    (Teddy de Groot)

    The Comic Con Origin Story

    Delve deep into the prequel-worthy origin stories of sci-fi fandom and Comic Con in America. Find out how Comic Con went from a small
    gathering of the world’s most passionate comics fans at the Hotel Coronado to the modern behemoth that drove comics, science fiction and
    cosplay into the cultural mainstream. Plus hear reports from the very first World Science Fiction Convention in 1939, attended by aspiring
    young writers Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov, where the founder of science fiction fandom Forrest J Ackerman introduced the first known

    (Bob Calhoun)


    Beer and cocktails from Club 21
    Beats from DJ Rubberband Girl
    The Lumpia Company
    The Oakland Public Library


Club 21, Franklin Street, Oakland, CA, United States